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There are more and more scam sites popping up offering you genuine passports and running away with your money. Read on if you want to learn how to avoid fake passport scams.

How to Avoid Fake Passport Scams:

  • Take note of their spelling. If you come across a website with bad spelling and broken English – do you really think they’re professionals? Look at the quality of their website and their English before purchasing any documents online. More than likely, you’re communicating with someone in India or Nigeria looking to make a quick buck.
  • If they accept payment via Western Union, MoneyGram or Paypal directly on their site, you’re almost definitely being scammed and you won’t receive your document. Anonymity is key in this business and the only accepted form of payment (to keep both the seller and buyer safe) is Bitcoin or payments through other cryptocurrencies. Any and all other forms of payment can be traced.
  • verification diskette My favorite thing to see on scam websites is when they say that you can supposedly verify that your passport is officially registered using a Verification Diskette. All of these scammy sites seem to have copy/pasted the same information from each other. What the hell is a verification diskette, exactly? For anyone 30 or older, you will remember that before DVDs and CDs, we used floppy disks (or diskettes). My assumption is that someone found information on an old outdated website and it’s just been copied and pasted on every scam website that I’ve visited to date. If these were legit, where exactly would you even put this diskette in your modern PC?

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