Passport for Sale

Passport for Sale: There are many reasons that one would want to buy a passport. There are people living in dire circumstances where it’s dangerous for them and their families to live a normal life. Others were born in a corrupt country that has no ties with other countries in order for them to obtain a visa legally to visit and explore the rest of the world. Finally, there are those that have tried to visit the rest of the world but have had their visas denied multiple times. Whatever the reason, buying a passport may be their last option in order to improve their circumstances.

The Difference Between Making and Selling a Passport

Why buy someone else’s passport instead of making your own? There are a various number of security measures implemented on each and every travel document. These are not easy to duplicate and it takes a very talented forger/manufacturer to create a passport that will allow you to pass through customs. Currently is the only manufacturer that is able to provide this service.

If you decide to buy someone else’s passport instead, you basically take on their identity. The passport will be replaced with your image but will retain the other persons information. People who have no intention of ever travelling are willing to sell their passports for large sums of money. Although all possible checks will be done on that persons past, an unknown criminal conviction could be flagged and customs causing you to be taken aside and interviewed.

A few years ago, buying another person’s passport was the best way to travel but with better integration of systems and customs agents now looking for tampering in the photo page area, it’s become much less safe. can provide you with a passport that has been sold and replace the image for you in a way that will not be spotted by a customs agent, but the cost will be higher, and it’s currently not the recommended way to stay safe.

We now offer real registered passports and have updated our price page and order form to match.

Passport for Sale

Ready to start traveling? First things first, you’ll simply need to head to our website check out our order page – Passport for Sale.

There you will see a list of documents that are currently available. We maintain a list of available countries that we can provide documents for. Please check if the country you are interested in is on the list.

Next, you’ll fill in some basic information to get started. Once the order has been paid and confirmed, a member of our team will contact you to collect specific details related to your application. Please allow 30 minutes to an hour to provide the information we will need. Once done, your document will join the queue for creation. When it is ready, you will receive photo and video proof that your document has been completed before being put out for delivery. At this stage, we will reconfirm your delivery address.

The whole process could not be any easier.

Safe Travels!