Where Can I Get A Fake Passport?

Where Can I Get A Fake Passport? Finding a good place to buy a fake passport can be a challenge. There are many unscrupulous people with shoddy websites that are looking to make a quick buck by ripping off people online. If you are unsure about a site that you’ve visited before – be sure to check out our rules on: How to Avoid Fake Passport Scams.

Buyng Fake/Counterfeit Passports

There are only 2 options available. Find a merchant in your local area that you trust, or purchase one online. Each option comes with very distinct advantages and disadvantages. Quality is the most important factor you should keep in mind. It’s pointless finding a cheap merchant and having a passport that cannot be used. Let’s start with buying locally.

Where Can I Get A Fake Passport Locally?

Firstly, walking around your area asking random people: “Where can I get a fake passport?”, is a quick way to find yourself behind bars. Generally, you’ll know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else. It’s all a bit shady and you never know if the person is legit or undercover. Meeting somone face-to-face with large amounts of money usually ends up going pretty badly.

Alternatively, if you do know someone locally that is trustworthy and you need your passport in a rush – you won’t have to wait the time it takes for delivery from an online source. You’ll also be able to check the quality in-person – normally before paying the remaining costs.

Where Can I Get A Fake Passport Online?

Purchasing online on the other hand, requires you to find someone trustworthy from the onset. You’ll have to look at their portfolio to see how long they’ve been in business for and how good their fake passports look. They should have a page that explains exactly how long it’ll take to make and all the costs involved. What’s you’re sure that you want to do business with them – fill out the order page and get the process going.

The cons are the same as purchasing from a local source. You want to be sure that you’re not being scammed out of your hard-earned money before making a purchase. However, you don’t have to worry about your personal safety or any physical harm

The best part about buying a passport online is that you’re safe from a legal aspect. As long as all payments are made using Bitcoin and not cash, card or Paypal – there’s no way to prove that you ever purchased any counterfeit travel documents. They will manufacture your passport and send you proof that it has been made before and provide photo video proof when it’s ready. At this point, you can view the information to see that there are no errors before it is posted to you

So far – the best and most trusted option for purchasing a fake passport online can be found here:

Where Can I Get A Fake Passport